Who does not know corruption-stealing and mismanagement is one of our major problems?

Our problem is not that there are no solutions to the problems that plague us.
Nor that there are no good brains in this nation.
It is not that our leaders do not know what to do, after all, they see what is done in other countries.

It is not that power sector can not be fixed.
It is not that our refineries can not work.
It is not that our ground is refusing to yield.
It is not that our schools have refused to get better.
It is not that the soil in Nigeria is rejecting good roads.
It is not that the unemployed are allergic to good jobs.
It is not that we don’t have appetite for good foods.
It is not that we don’t like the good life.
It is not that we hate ourselves that much.

It is just that some people somewhere, some place have put it upon themselves either by choice, hatred for the Nigerian children, personal gains, selfishness, poverty mentality, wickedness etc, to continually, and consistently sabotage the progress of Nigeria and its people.

We have enough natural resources to generate enough money to fix Nigeria.
We have enough human resources (Nigerians are so intelligent) to create the solution.

We have all we need within our reach but Corruption, Lawlessness (on everybody’s part but inspired by our leaders), Stealing, Selfishness, Intentional Medoicrity.
If all we will have is four years of accountability, drastically reduced corruption, no stealing

If we wait for Nigerians to change themselves, that will take donkey years; but if the change is lead by someone, especially someone in power, the first man of the natiom, we stand a better chance.

Whether Goodluck is the man, I’m not certain but based on his last four years, I know he’s not, except if he will change and get better tomorrow. If a man says “stealing is not corruption”, then you should worry about his personal principles, and compare it with what your parent taught you, or if that is the legacy you want to give your children.

Whether Buhari is the man, I still can’t trust any politician completely, but based on his profiles and what he did during his reign as a leader; based on his manifesto; based on his speeches; based on how he has handled this election period and the many propagandas about him; based on the fact that nobody has proven anything; based on his taking responsibility for the things he did as a military leader; based on who his Vice is, I’m certain he is a whole lot better than what we’ve had in a while. And if not change us completely, will at least, inspire and lead that change.

However, the New Nigerian dream  surpasses all of them.

When they have come and gone, we will still keep building Nigeria, though who ever we elect will definitely speed up or slow down our progress. The choice is always ours.

Change has come to Nigeria.

IamImisioluwa, and I have never been more proud to be a Nigerian.