Little Lines – 02

Do you remember the first day that we met?

No, not the first day our paths crossed. Not the day I first put a face to this awesomeness I’d heard about. Nor the day you first spoke to me with such calm, poise, and reverence.  Not even this same day that we shared a few melodies in harmony. No, not that day.

Actually, It could have been that day.

It could have been the day that would eventually mark our anniversary. It could have, but for my fears, it didn’t. Or rather, I wouldn’t let it.

That day, the fears like cocoons fought and forced their wings out. They weren’t fears of freight. No, they weren’t. They were fears of awe, of reference, fears that I dared not trigger what my heart didn’t have the capacity for, fears that such wonder as you are should not be subject to the indecisiveness of men. That day, I numbed every opportunity to enjoy the moment. I switched on my diplomatic side, in the hope to avoid losing myself to the wonder I was beginning to behold. And I was successful. I had postponed the day. And till this day, the depths of those emotions have never been known nor heard.

So for real, it wasn’t that day.

That day was a great day, the beginning of many to come. But it wasn’t the day, that this heart would first embrace this beauty, you.

I am the ImisiOluwa; your admirer.