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When the momories of our childhood truancy finaly begins ro haunt us, the days of our ignorance and innocent irreverence for standards, we will wish we could turn back times hand, perhaps to relive the moments. But then, could we have been any wiser? Isn’t this the stuff that makes childhood tick, the ignorance? If we ever could relive those moments, the truth is this: we only might not make the exact mistakes we did, but definately, we would make mistakes. Mistakes from trying things out, questioning the standards, and entirely neglecting obvious wisdom.
If this is our story, then, we are safe. Only a part of everyone’s life except perhaps for child prodigies-anyway, I’ve never met one. But if you have passed your childhood days, and the circumstances of your life still depicts one with a non chalant attitude for wisdom, one who neglects the process of growth and would rather recide in comfort than to take on challenges, look inward, and find out ways to improve on ones character, attitudes and idiosyncracies, then your worst nightmares are just beginning to encroach.
The world isn’t made for complacency. Growth isn’t measured by age and busyness, but the inner processss from conscious efforts.
Really, you can sit down there, believe you are the best you are already, rejoice in your stupidity and neglect obvious wisdom or you can ask your self and employ the skills of self awareness and inner criticism, asking yoirself what things need to change. Looking at yourself , not only from your own eye view but from the eye view of Truth which can only be gotten from Truth himself  the sincere word of God, written in the pages of the scriptures. Other than this, I don’t care how old you are, your riches or the many things you’ve done, only one word describes you: you are nothing but a child, an infant. Grow up.