One of the few things that kept ringing in my ears since I choose the Obafemi Awolowo University as a place to study was the words: ‘OAU is a great school’. A great school I don’t doubt, but all I see at the moment is just a school like any other Nigerian school needing great improvement.
What makes a school great? Is it the structure or the people? Well, other schools have structures and the people here are still Nigerians. Is it the curriculum? It is still the ones since the inception of the school-maybe just a little adjustment.
My disappointment came when for two days, at a time clearly indicated on the school website for registration; the website could not be accessed. I could not believe it was the same registration they had spent close to a year preparing for. I have since heard many excuses from many corners, but none of them seemed reasonable enough. As this is not peculiar to OAU, such is prevalent even in the better by far university; while the cases of some others are even worse.
Some argued it is because, at that time, a lot of people were trying to log on to the site at once, and I ask, weren’t the management aware of the number of people they had offered admission; they sure do and should have prepared for it. Others argued it is not easy maintaining and running a server of that capacity; then I marvel, ‘a foremost Nigerian university cannot run a server of such capacity’. It is now so glaring that the same evils plaguing our nation have eaten deep into our university system.
How can we have professors of technology, computer science, statistics, administration, etcetera, in a school like this and they cannot come up with a solution, then I wonder what the fate of the undergraduates studying these courses under them is.
Now in the name of their incompetency, they waste the time and money of many young leaders, yet they preach about time management and judicial use of resources. What an irony? Not to mention, the mental, psychological, emotional and physical torment we earn from it.
They say this is the kind of hardships that will make us great, but I bet to differ, if they had gone through this kind of system and all it could produce of them is incompetency, then the system is not in any way working and we are no longer interested in it. Besides, they should stop using it as an excuse for their failures.
As this is not a direct attack in anyway on the ‘University for Learning and Culture’, it is merely a call to the management of all our universities and other phases of our national life to, admit their failures as a system and as individuals, retrace their steps, and humbly make corrections in the areas where they are lacking; neither is this my opinion of the great Ife. It is merely an observation from the event of my first week on OAU campus. But since then, the school has showed to be outstanding in many areas which I am compelled to also write about. It is indeed the No.1 university in Nigeria, and very soon, in Africa. I still and always consider my school the greatest. Nothing is going to change that except, of course, change itself.

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