Inside every bread seller is an ‘Olajumoke’
Waiting for the one who can see the model in her
Under the right make up by @SequenceMakeOver
A well designed outfit by @dresssensewardrobe
And a professional photograph by @MrGudugudu
Any lady will transform overnight

This gives me mixed feelings

Should one utterly forsake all ‘Olajumokes’
And stick only with bread sellers so he can be a hero
Or should an ‘Olajumoke’ be his goal
Forsaking the wannabes bread sellers

I’ll come back to this

Religion hasn’t made it easy
And some have fallen victim

That a lady is beautiful does not mean she is evil
That you like a lady’s look does not make you unscriptural
God’s will must not always be against yours to be right
That she doesn’t appeal to your emotions does not make you more spiritually matured

That you want ‘brains’ doesn’t mean you should hate ‘beauty’
That you want ‘Spirit’ doesn’t mean you should detest ‘shape’

Please, take a look at your Pastors’ wife

Marriage is not a place to form religious
She isn’t marring Pastor Kunle but ‘Kay’ himself
And he isn’t marring Evang. Bisola but ‘Bis Baby’ herself

Many have ignored this, and have made a shipwreck of their lives

Marriage is both a spiritual and carnal ordination
And both has its place

True Love is the most important thing.

Just be sincere with God, yourself, and the devil.

#IamImisioluwa (@_imisioluwa)

Sleep Sweet