If I and God ever come around the idea of me pastoring a church, that’s if there’s ever that space left, I know exactly the kind of church it is going to be. And it’s very exciting.
And that’s the problem.

I largely think churches in Nigeria are owned by the man of God. It’s his establishment, his brain child, his investment, his retirement plan…more like someone starts a business. He is the OWNER, and he just uses it for God.
The church revolves around him. It’s spiritual growth is pegged around his. He is definition of Truth and Error. He regulates what goes down. He is the height of its spiritual experience.

The members are his members.
The church properties are his.
The miracles happen because of the grace upon his life.
They even turn his name to an appellation
“The God of our Father in the Lord”

And it is this thing that scares me.

I don’t want to “OWN” a church.
I don’t want to have a ministry penned in my name.
I don’t want the size of ministry as the validation of God’s blessings, and Grace upon my life.
And these things can’t just but happen in Naija.

So I’ll just pass the entire idea.