For real, I’m not sure how it will be
When I’ll find her, how I’ll toast her
Or if she’ll take the lead
I can’t say If she’ll be a stranger or if she’s here already
I’m not sure if I’ll eventually do away with these fears
Or if I’ll take a step still with them
Become vulnerable again, and let this tongue loose

The intricacies of those romantic beginnings elude me
And my imaginations run in multiple streams

These days,
There are only a few things I know and I’m sure of
And only those I hold on to

That on that day,
As those area mamas, scratch that,
Alagas, churn out their instructions
and demands to keep tradition in place,
I’ll be more than willing to pay the price,
and for the joy set before me heed them.

That on that day,
As I turn back, watching her walk down that aisle
In arm with her father, between the stares of family
As I look into her eyes, reciting those vows
And committing to a lifetime of union
I know there will be no iota of doubt or second thoughts
Deep inside, I’ll know it is with her this body ages
The rhythm this heart will forever dance to
My always and forever will be

That on that day,
As we dance into the wedding hall
With friends and family cheering at the dance steps
I know my joy wouldn’t be in who dances best
Or what a great event we are having
But that this heart finally has a home
A place to recline, refresh, and thrive

– The ImisiOluwa

Culled from: Personal Notes 2