In Love,
You cannot love for two
You cannot love her so much
That you provide love for her
And also provide her love for you
It must always be hers to give

It must always be a two way traffic not
a roundabout or else, you’ll end in a U-turn.


You cannot have so much love for him
That you’ll love him and still carry the
responsibility of
his love for you
Each must take his and her place
You must love her and She must love You
You must love him and He must also


There’s no better way to wear oneself out
as surely as that, it can be tormenting.
Some have done this and have become
And have ended up losing their love
It must be mutual
You are not a superman


However, there are some who posses
love in their bosom but haven’t found
a way to harness and express
But you can see it brewing
This case is understandable
And it will be your decision to let
Patience and Nurture bring out what you
know they have deep inside


Other than this, let them be
You don’t want to set yourself up on
A rather long thing


But on a more serious note of
a semiquaver
More like the “Kan kan kan” sound
that accompanies “Ifá adití”
-the oracle for the deaf


Love must be mutual
Love must be accepted and expressed
Love must be returned
And the cycle must go on as such


For love cannot be one way
For you cannot love for two
For you cannot love so much
That you’ll provide love for the other
And also take up the responsibility of giving
the love you need from the other
You’ll wear yourself out too quickly


#IamImisioluwa; even Christ’s love becomes impotent if it is not acknowledged, accepted, and returned.


Enjoy your Sleep