So tonight, I’ll just take my mind off all that has had it occupied, letting in an air of freshness. I’ll take a break from caring about people and their opinions; put the assignments aside and the bulk of things to read; forget the  various positions held and the many responsibilities that come with them; let my mind rest from national issues like corruption, homosexuality and same-sex marriage; relieve my mind of the expectations of love and the disappointments that accompany them; put the goals aside and the plan to achieve them; and free myself of the desire to make sense out of life.
Just tonight, I’d stop caring. Tonight, its just me, food-rice n beans, music-just sensual listening, and some distant thoughts-faraway from my present environment, people and expectations, and a lot of sleep-and perhaps, let the book of Ephesians play calmly in my ears. But only for tonight.
Tomorrow, I’d pick them up again cos its the life I live. Tomorrow morning, I’ll start to care again; I’ll pick up the assignments; I’ll start to strategize for the goals; I’ll think of my response to the National issues; I’ll pick on Love again; and the many issues that occupy my mind daily.
But tonight, just me alone. Taking a break from bothering about people who aren’t thinking of you. Having sleepless nights for those who ain’t a clue.
Tonight, I’m selfish, not even a prayer for anyone(I actually just took time to explain to someone again-can’t I just ignore people and be selfish).
Just me alone.

I guess these are the same thoughts that makes a man sit in a beer parlour, in drunken enthusiasm…or that makes a man just want to abandon himself to pornography-either real or imagined…or that makes another man run mad.

But then, these are my thoughts tonight, I only hope I can hold thus far…
I’m The NaughtyBoy, and this is the Life I live.

But then, Only tonight…

In all of these things, we are more than conquerors… Only tonight, Joy comes in the morning.