Dear Adeola Mi

I join other lovers across the globe to express the unquantifiable love I have for you.

Ever since the day I met you “Oyinkansola mi: honey which is the sweetest among the sweetest substance mixes with my wealth.

Haven’t I been through many ups and downs: different relationships where love was tossed as that game called car raising? Would I forget in a hurry when every option as regards choosing a spouse was all bad and all good at the same time? But thank God you came into my life with stability and peace like a river.

I now know that love is not ‘maimai’ neither is it ‘guguru and epa’ Love is not in the number of calls and love SMS sent per day neither is it in sweet chat I do have then thinking it is love. You gave love its true meaning, in fact, you shaped my previous perception about love_ the simple truth is that_ #You_Are_Love

Oh yes I now know that a house built by love can’t be destroyed by a bulldozer, nuclear weapons can’t eliminate love, a bullet from Ak47 can’t kill love, a flood of water can’t quench the fire of love, love is stronger than Mountains and Strong rocks.

With you, no more high blood pressure neither is there any hypertension. When I hear the sound of the bomb I’m not moved because I’ve found love, I’ve found the ‘SHE’ that was taken from my ‘HIM’. Lol

Yes, I now hear God clearly, no more confusion, because when a man is searching he tends to hear many voices around him. Confusion is seized because you came in as an agent of Clarity and understanding.

Oyinkansola mi, I’ve started dreaming of how we would love the Lord and serve HIM with all our heart. How we would raise godly Kids that would be an Icon in the political and spiritual affairs of our dear Country.

I now imagine how we would take complete Authority and manage the entire universe for God and affect humanity positively.

I know Our love started from Genesis it will soon reach Revelation where everyone will see the manifestation of the son and daughter of God in Christ’s glory.

Oh Yes, we would pass through many waters, even the mighty red sea we would break through, Jordan will not be able to stop us neither will Jericho hinder our love.

Thank you for loving me,
Our love is till eternity.
I’m your loving King

Moses-Taiwo Bello

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