Day Eighteen

To the blind
The deaf
The physically challenged
And the intellectually challenged

You never seize to amaze me
How do you cope
How do you do it

For me,
I think you experience life in a different level
A spectrum of existence others don’t know about
I think your brain and mind is lot more developed
Than the ones many of us carry around
You don’t hear but you still understand
You don’t speak but you still communicate
You don’t see but you still recognize
Your mobility is limited but you move things

Of a truth, you are better than many
Who have ears, but whose minds are blinded
Who speak, but whose words are void of wisdom
Who see, but are always stumbling
Who move freely, but are stuck in the past

I don’t even know how you do it
I can’t imagine

But I’m grateful that you haven’t deprived us
Of the beauty you heart, and life holds

To all persons living with disability
But who are still living and living purpose
Who are still taking up challenges
Who are still making most of their lives
Who fight the discrimination and stigmatization
Who bless us with the beauty their life holds
Husbands of wives
Wives of husbands
Fathers and mothers

I’m theimisiOluwa, and I am grateful for your survival