Greetings to that special one reading this.
Happy Easter to you wherever you are at. May we never lose the consciousness that the season brings.

I am Flourish, the one who shall be sharing her musings with you for a couple of days to come. Hence, I will love to intimate you on the whole idea of Pillow Talk. Enjoy!

Pillow talk should literally mean talking with your head resting on the pillow (smiles, that definition is mine). Although, the meanings given by several sources revolve around the fact that it is a conversation. It is a relaxed, intimate and authentic conversation between two lovers (yes, it is what it is).

However, in the context of Pillow Talk with Flourish, I will be sharing my musings with you (as we are lovers and friends). These musings are random and they are about minute but important things of life. I will be glad to let you in on the processes happening in this head of mine. At intervals, we will be able to read the thoughts of other readers based on each musing. I believe you will find them amusing, enlightening and stimulating.

I anticipate a good time learning from and with you (fellow musers).
Thank you for reading.
Have a great week ahead as you remain safe.

I love you all.
(Eunice, Jide-Aina)

PS: Pillow Talk with Flourish will run throughout the period of the lockdown. We shall begin on the 13th of April and you will be duly informed if there will be any extension.

…musings at nighttime.