Five Places I Want to Visit | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Five

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Oh…this is sweet.

I am a dreamer and you can be sure my mind has travelled cities, crossed over seas, climbed mountains, walked valleys, flown skies, and experienced the beauty of human life. And someday, soonest, I plan to start ticking off those places in my mental list. As a teenager, I was in love with the “Awake” magazine by Jehovah Witness, just so I could read about those places featured in them. I had a huge collection that helped keep my mind alive and beyond the immediate reality of those days. I want to see those places, met those people, experience those cultures, and listen and make their music (I literarily live for this).

So let’s get started (Not necessarily the only five nor the top five places, but just random and the one that comes to mind now):

  1. Abroad: Abeg, make I just commot this country first. Not even in a japa kind of way sef, but I don tire. Make abroad breeze blow for my black skin sef small. Wetin, I don try for Nigeria too. Been faithful for this almost 30 years. Never left, never took a break. Stayed with her in all of her circumstances. And right now, in other to avoid the syndrome of ‘see finish’ where we no longer respect each other – though she has always disrespected me (Nigeria no rate me at all, and e dey vex me), I need to let some air out and take in some new one. Even if it’s just 2 weeks in Dubai-all expense paid vacation, I mean (Insert Teni’s ‘Is it too much?” here). So that’s it o, abroad is calling my name.
  2. The length and breath of Africa: I love this continent, walahi. I feel there’s so much beauty here, and I want to see it. The richness of the culture, the peculiarity of the people, the rhythmic and melodic variations of the music, the stories. I want to see them all. So, South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Marrakesh, Mauritius, Seychelles (I love this one, there’s a way my brother pronounces it that makes me go ‘awwwwwwwwwn’ when his lips curve slightly upward to ‘see’ the ‘she liss’, and the wonders in this country that I haven’t seen.
  3. Eastern City: I want to travel the whole eastern and European cities that make up the stories and places in the bible, more. I’ve read those stories for many years and since my mind is very graphic, I would like to see monuments. I want to recount those stories and see what’s left of the subtle details penned about them in the bible. I want to see Greece, Italy, the Seven Sisters Mountains along the coastal plains of Norway, etc.
  4. Southern America: Mostly for their music and culture, the grandeur of their festivals, and beautiful women (don’t look at me). It’s just to appreciate the Glory of the living Glory. Let’s somebody shout Ha-lle-lu-jah!!!
  5. Space: Aren’t you fascinated by the abundant endless span of space? I am o. Even if it’ just lower earth orbit, I don’t mind. My only fear is that: What if something happens, that’s how oluwa e will go and be floating aimlessly and endlessly in that whole nothingness, no amala, nothing. Just there with your mind. So dear Nigerian Space Agency, if you need someone to go for us, if you want to put a man on the moon, or just need someone to check if they’ve not stolen that our satellite in space, here I am. Call me. I’ll be sure to join the team that’s offering prayers for the rest. E mi ko le maa ko ba. (By the way, I’ll be talking about space in on my podcast on #LoveWednesday tomorrow – so watch out.)

So, that’s it in case you know how to help me. I know I’ll be paying for those trips myself and with family shortly. But right now, e epp mi. Even if it’s just 2 weeks in Dubai, let my destiny go and relax and be taken care of too.

I am the ImisiOluwa; and it’s been fun writing this. (And dreaming along side.)

I hope you enjoyed it too.

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