(My post last Wednesday generated a lot of mixed reactions and I thought I should let you know what people said about it. I have put their comments together exactly the way it was written. Please, do learn from it. Note: the names are my own mental creation. Here is a link to the original post: Stop The Lies Jòó 2)

Miss D: I also think it’s bcos pple expect dat since it is Gods will, he /she should be perfect. Not knowing dat u r entering dat contract to fine tune each other. N den wen dey begin to see the imperfect side of deir spouse, dey become confuse on how to handle it. Then dose thought start rushing in;  ‘was i sure i heard d right thing?’, ‘have i lost it with God?’, ‘but pastor also confirmed it’, ‘maybe it wa s not the Spirit of God’


Bro P: I’ve been waiting to hear this in words. It’s been in my mind for a while without expression. God bless you Imisioluwa?​​​​??. People take God’s will to be humans instead of his thoughts and directions for us.: Imisioluwa,d piece is well appreciated nd understood.. Thanks so much


Bro S: Yes God can direct you to your marriage partner. That is God’s purpose for you not that the person is the purpose for your being. How can I explain this. Who was the prophet asked to marry an harlot again o? Once you know and obey God’s will everything including marriage will yield peace for you. Not the trend of pastors nowadays getting divorced even at age 70. God brought Eve to. Adam yet They both disappointed Him when they briefly refused to acknowledge his instruction. The woman was brought for the purpose of helping the man in his God given assignment, instead she helped him in disobeying simple official rules.


Uncle T: Muslims have good marriages.. Japanese people have marriages lasting over 70years.. One major thing I see salvations giving us..is the consciousness and reality of being right with God. This consciousness when deep seated within us permeates how we do and see everything. So I agree..d moment I think im out of d “will of God” my disposition towards virtually everything is affected. And of course..d marriage I affected that way too. It’s really a life..but much more with regards to this world..its more about consciousness. Consciousness..perception..awareness..understanding


Miss M:?​​​​?​​​​?​​​​?​​​​?​​​​?​​​​on point sir. We should even be asking if God selects for man. I mean is there a specific man for a specific woman. If will of God no gree proposal nko?


Uncle Y: i was a strong party to the God’s will idea….. lemme b sincere wf u….and it was the first thing corrected before I decided over my babe then, …. cos i developed ds interest in Sade in a very awkward time when the last tin on my mind was being close to any lady or wantin one in particular as mine… i had too many friends in particular…. i remember God vivdly said ds,… ‘I will never tell you whether dis z my will or not, its your choice…. but I am merciful and truthful enough to tell if one z good for you or not, if you will b able to maximize your hapiness with such a person…. provided you both agree’ sounded like greek when i heard all ds in my findings and revelations then…. God corrected* although, ALL MEN are good…. but God knows our hapiness and what suits us…..God knows our interests…. he knows the clashes… he created us all….


Uncle F:  At certain times you must admit that you don’t know all things. Stop getting into things you know next to nothing about. Your musings are contrived to be intelligence but confusing in its claims. God’s will does not always come without challenges and that is not only in marriage, even in business and all matters of life. Jesus did God’s will and it led to the cross. Ask Timothy, Paul and Barnabas. You enjoy large followership be careful what you say. Blessings


Uncle Y: it z better he says his mind than silent than appear to be righteous like many we have around… appearing righteous but wf difficult and intrincate approach to life all the same… i love the simplicity of this particular write up.. it takes only a religious person who sumtin unnecessary in his hands to protect to question this post I believe. All he is talking about is being sincere enough to accepting responsibility for one’s actions and COMPLETELY SHIFTING BLAMES ON ANOTHER…..


Mummy M: I am compelled to respond to ur write up by saying u sound more like an “I too know nothing” than an “I too know”. U hav written ur words wth so much ‘surety’ of somthn u hav never experienced (probably u hav without my knowledge). U hav also written wth from ur own perspective of a Christian (child of God) without d slightest iota of respect for any one u can think of to be a spiritual head over u. Hence, wth love i say to u dat u really need to go back and sit at Jesus feet all over again and quietly learn afresh, many things u think u already know if u must be a leader (fisher n servant) of men for Christ. Shalom.


Bro E: but come to think of it @imisi, I think it will be better to sit With Christ(which I believes you are already according to Ephesians 2vs6) cos he already raised you up than his feet…


Uncle D: imisioluwa, lol well in ma opinion i fink u ryt, i av heard and seen tins dat i cannot share here. but as said u need to sit at d feet of christ to learn more see u around bro


Bro E: In my opinion imisi u r vry right with all that u v said in ur post.. infact some of d comments here are jst simply a buttress on your point… also tnk u for been vry audacious and confident about your points…


Uncle T: The rules are simple…get a righteousness consciousness, produce great results, get unrighteous in your consciousness, see ur life go down the drain…whether marriage or business or whatsoever. Let’s just be sincere..shall we


Uncle R: Hmmm… I’ve had to read ur post over and over again to see if there a reason why it should generate a “go back to the drawing board” kind of controversy… As I like to be real. However, all I see when I read, is a simple truth… One that every one know, especially Christians… The Title(stop the lies) tho, is enof to generate a defensive kind of reaction from someone who reads it, only from that view point…. That said, Haven’t we also been hearing that even, with the Will of God, there are different types? When I read , I all I keep seeing, if we make/made the effort, even those things that appear doomed from the start. Have a chance to be redeemed.. turned arround for Good… But then again, maybe it’s just how I read it.


#IamImisioluwa, I believe the Truth is absolute, every other thing is relative.


Love you plenty.