I had always thought people should be saints in places where full sharia’’ is practiced. I have always expected people to never do wrong in such places where there are heavy penalties but to my surprise, they appear to be even more notorious. There you see people charged for adultery, for gang-rape, incest etc.

You see, that just shows that man’s problem is a nature problem. You can threaten him with all kind of things but as long as you don’t change his nature, he’s always right back where he started.

The sad part is when this threat becomes a religious threat.


The fact is, even threatening people with God has never worked. God himself had to introduce the New Testament….and even the New Testament was the plan from the beginning.

Jesus, the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the World.

I’ll rather have Jesus than…



#IamImisioluwa, and #IamChristian.


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