I stumbled on some secret love letters from Adeola-mi recently, and it brought nostalgia. I could still feel the emotions like it was just yesterday. This one is from my birthday five years ago, and I just want you to read it. It feels so great to be loved)



“Sweetheart, this is unedited ‘cos I wanted it to be as natural as possible. So would you please lovingly pardon my flaws? (Yes!)”

Imisi mi, Imisi, omo tí ò wè tó n dán,
Adúmáadán mi òwón (lol)

(Don’t mind my pathetic attempt at poetry, that’s your game._

You know what I actually appreciate most about you, or one of the many things that make me just fall, rise, and grow helplessly in love with you? It’s your sincerity. Omo, that thing dey trip me gan-an, no be small. Thanks or Tanket like you’d have said. You know, sincere guys are kinda rare, so finding one in you is such a huge blessing to me, mo dúpé t’èmi ò.

I’m also grateful to God for his wisdom in helping me package such a great mine in a simple outfit. You know it beats me how such a priceless treasure as you are could come in such an unassuming container.
Anyways, I shouldn’t be surprised. Scriptures náà kúkú ti soó, that :we have such great treasures in earthen vessels that the excellency of power might be of God” (I hope you’re not thinking I’m doing the ‘mummy wa’ thing again, if I catch you ehn, wàá gbà)

Okay, maybe this part is not so ‘spiritual’ but, Ola mi, I really want to be selfish with you, because I can’t bear the thought of sharing your heart with someone else, the thought of it alone is enough to kill me. You may not be the sophisticated guy that some girl dreams of having but I love you just the way you are. Some of us are actually smart enough to see beyond the sophistication and the ‘exquisiteness’ (if there’s any word like that) and see those things that are not apparent to others.

The Long and short of this whole note is that (I am xoxo serious oh):
if you ever doubt everything about me, you can be sure of this one fact-


Sealed with a kiss,

I am theimisiOluwa; and I’m so feeling Loved right now.

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