She waited
Through the bouts of his confusion
Through those moments of nothingness
She waited, yes she did
She waited for him

It wasn’t the most pleasant moments for her
Loneliness and aloneness
Not that she didn’t need him there
Not that she wasn’t troubled
But her Love wouldn’t let go
She wouldn’t turn a blind eye

It was a risk she took
But something in her heart rang deep
Something told her he was worth it

Through his moments of doubts
Through his times of uncertainty
Through his season of confusion
Navigating unclear waters,
Uncladded in blazing lights
Finding what was never lost
Yet, one he couldn’t seem to reach
Carrying a cross that was made of flesh
Himself, and some other things

He must fix himself
He must be clear
He must find the answer he seeks
He must find his peace, his joy
And she must let him do it on his own terms

She knew his life was grand
One that comes with great responsibility
He knew he is one of a kind
And with his cross, no less
Her man had come in the toughest of times
Yet laddened with a call to help
Such peculiarities, such burden
She knew the demons he has to fight

Only that she shared the pain
The fear of watching him slip away
The fear of seeing him waste away
The fear that he could give up along the way
The fear that she may have waited in vain
But she waited

Only to prayers she turned
To the one who knows hearts
With teary eyes, and trembling lips
She cries out to the maker

Keep him safe Lord
Keep him safe for me
Lead him in the path that is right
Help him bear the course of his life

Often, she feels like giving up
But she feels called to be by his side
She’s filled with Love for him
Love for that little black boy that touched her heart

She’s crazy, yes she knows
So she’s refrained from telling this tale
Only a smile is what she gives

She waited
She must wait
He won’t delay
She’ll endure the pain

She’s strengthened
She’s rejoicing now
For he’ll be back
Her knight in the most unbecoming attire
One whose face radiates in the dark
Her gaze, her muse
The one who makes her laugh, from deep within
Whose words evokes a peaceful stare
Her ‘finale’, her soulmate
Her conclusion of the whole matter
The one sent to her, and she to him
Her Duduyemi, her only one true Love.

She waited.

I am theimisiOluwa; I appreciate every lady who, through patience, bring out the best in their men. Your strength is enormous, one for which history has rarely given you credit.

Happy Women’s Day

Sleep Sweet.

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