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Shey You Dey For Me by Hezekiah 

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Shey You Dey For Me by Hezekiah

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Dear Adeola-mi,

Wetin be that nothing I can’t do for Adeola mi?
Just that I’m only stuck not stopped
I love her even before I met her

I’ve literally seen many broken homes,
My dad kept counseling many families.
Yet, little things tend to make the difference.
Intangible and insignificant matter that really matters
Is it really hard to maintain love?
However, I said to myself I will choose to love Adeola mi no matter the circumstances.

Then this happened……

It was a sunny day while she walked towards me with a beautiful smile on her beautiful face with two of her friends. My heart beating faster and my blood flow tripled. It was as if I’ve never seen her before. I was right there trying to compose myself when she greeted me good afternoon brother Hezekiah and I was slow to reply not because I don’t know what to say, just that many things were running through my mind but the Bro Hezekiah part weakened me the most.

Oh baby, don’t brother zone me ke. Pe mi loruko ko faminirungbon joor.

Good afternoon sir, she said louder, good afternoon beautiful as I replied. Do you know you have the brightest smiles in the world and she smiled again saying thank you, the rest they say is history.

On a cold dreary night, I said Adeola mi
How come I’m this lucky to have someone like you?
Your sonorous voice has a way of melting my heart when heavy
She asked me if she has the power to do anything for me
What will I ask for?
Without thinking about it, I told her that I will like to have Eight children
(three different set of twins with two non-twins.
It is what I love to have since I was a kid.
Guess what?
She said tonight, I will give you the first set of twins
My spirit arose then I heard my phone ringing, Its 5 am alarm.

Was I dreaming all this while? Not again
This is the 47th time I’m having this dream
The hustle still continues for you Adeola mi
Adeola mi, let’s finish our dream in real life
I’m stuck in searching for you but I can’t stop loving you
Adeola mi, shey you dey for me as I dey for you.


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