Write about Someone who Inspires me | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Four

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It’s easier to talk about people outside my primary circle who inspire me greatly, but in recent years I’ve been drawn to the amazing lives led by the ones closest to me, and I’ve drawn inspiration from them in even greater measure.

Yes, there are people everywhere all over the world in different ways and for different reasons, but under closer introspection, many of the ones around me, my friends, are simply amazing. My friends are amazing people and I’ve always been grateful for this. I’ve learnt to pause and admire the amazing and beautiful humans they are. I’ve learnt not to despise the wisdom they live by and share. And then, it makes much sense, it inspires me more to see people like me, who face similar struggles, in similar situations, live, thrive, uphold strong character and great values, and deliver results. It’s something I don’t take for granted. It’s something I take note of (I jot things down, so I can take things out – one of them is already laughing hard as she reads this).

My friends inspire me to work hard and be diligent. My friends inspire me to keep at the path of dignity, sincerity, and love. My friends continually help me see the beauty of what we have believed in Christ Jesus.

This is why I write my “Favorite Humans’ every year. It’s my way to slow down and reflect. It’s my way of celebrating those who contribute the most primary impact on my life. (You can find the latest one here.) I want them to know they have sense. I want them to know they are making an impact. I want them to know I see them, and all they do. I want them to know they inspire me greatly. I want them to know I’m grateful.

However, I do not just wait till the end of the year to tell them. I tell them as I observe. I tell them something I learnt from them. I commend their efforts. I copy their posts, statuses, reference something they said, and be deliberate about mentioning their names. I’m not afraid to associate with them. And I want the world to know that they are amazing.

So someone who inspires me?
You, my friends, inspire me.
You who give me the privilege of access into you life.
You who don’t withhold your beauty-in all its imperfections from me.
You inspire me.

I am the ImisiOluwa; and I love you plenty.

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