Day Sixteen

I really miss being in love (the boy-girl, man-woman love). Not just the superficial or emotional part of it. But the life that comes with it. Love is a beautiful thing. And no amount of ills spoken or seen between lovers can erode the fact that Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

My time being in love with another person, the challenges notwithstanding, was a beautiful moment for me. It’s one thing to be loved, but to love another person is on a whole different level.

The privilege of caring for someone beyond the superficial; that deep and genuine interest in the all-round well-being of another person. And having someone to love you the same way. I know this is not restricted to an emotional relationship, but it’s a different level. It’s easier to love my brother and sisters.

The deep, open, and vulnerable conversations; having someone to share the deepest and innermost desires, fears, parts of you is liberating.

The whole feeling that comes with it is sweet. That thingy-ling feeling, that reaches deep into your heart when you hear her voice or think of her. The joy when you stare at her, her pictures, or just imagine her.

Anyways, I sha miss all of that.

I am the ImisiOluwa; I’m really looking forward to it.