Something I Struggle With | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Eight

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A good place to start is my recent struggle with keeping up with writing and the consequent neglect my blog has had to suffer. To be honest, it was much easier to keep up some years ago than now. It’s not because the passion had weaned, nor that there isn’t the interest anymore, but that adulthood comes with a whole different kind of rules and associated responsibilities. But I’m trying. And I know it isn’t insurmountable.

I’m glad there was a time I wrote more frequently than I do now. Those times, the words written, and the memories surrounding them are treasures for today. I hold them dearly. I do not look back with regret. They are my motivation for what has been and what can be.

To be clear, the struggle is not with writing itself but with keeping a balanced life. There’s a philosophy I hold dear, one I gleaned from the lives of those before me, the same that I find so hard to keep. The Yorubas said it best, ??? à ń ?ọ ò ?ì?à, ??? à ń ?à ?ó ?ò, that is, our destination isn’t far, it is the sight-seeing that takes its toll. To put it more directly, we have enough time to do everything we need to do, it’s the time we spend doing the other things we can do that causes us to stall.

There’s so much that call our attention, even much more that calls for our immediate attention. They are not necessarily mundane or unimportant things, they are not just the things that should be our highest priority.

The last few weeks have really been an improvement for me. Listening to DDK talk on “Scheduling Mastery” rekindled a long lost practice that the hustle and bustle of Lagos stole from me. But like my friend, Miloh, shared today, the time to cultivate that life balance is now that our financial burden hasn’t skyrocketed.

In a conversation with Mary Afolabi, we admitted that sometimes, it is the Imposter Syndrome, and more vividly, a lack of proper self-worth. We go all the way to be there for others, for friends and clients, we work so add to maintain our reputation of efficiency. We are at the center, holding many parts of life together, but we forget that we are the most important part of that world. And everything can only function when we are whole and able. When we take time for self rejuvenation, reflection, and care, we give ourselves the needed resources to help others.

We do not want to be selfish. We do not want to say “No”. We do not want to be inadequate. Our ears are serenaded with the repetitive chorus of “hustle o”, so we bury ourselves in work, ignoring the strain in our eyes as it pierces through our computer screen. We do not want to fail. But we forget, that to save the world, we must first cultivate strength.

The trick is to think that our best life will come later, and so we must do all the work today. It will look as though the solution to the impending poverty is more work, but I’m no longer postponing my best life.

Today, I’m learning to prioritize a non-negotiable daily ritual of self-care; a time of the day where every other thing stops and all the attention is on me. A time to meditate, read, pray, and most definitely, write. And saves this week, I’ve been doing just fine.

Eventually, I’m finding out that I have been more productive, restful, calmer, and happier than I’ve been in recent years. It was a struggle, but I’m learning to prioritize ‘me’. I’m learning to live the best version of me, a fulfilled life, daily, and not as an event in the future.

As I ‘hustle’ to keep food on my table, I create time to do the things that bring me the deepest joy and fulfillment.

So if the ImisiOluwa Olalekan, Ọmọ ìyá Sola the second, will be of any benefit to others, he ought to be, first, to himself.

I am that ImisiOluwa; and tonight, I love me plenty.

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I want to sincerely apologize for not bringing you Conversations with the Imisioluwa this week, I promise to do better. Please, listen to last week’s episode. Click video below.

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