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In all my years of listening to married people talk, I have not heard anyone admit that the challenges faced in the marriage of those who claim to have married the ‘will-of-God’ are different from those who didn’t. All they have said is: by marrying the ‘will-of-God’, it’s easier to overcome such challenges.

I think the reason is because, the thought and feeling of having married the ‘will-of-God’ gives them the drive to make their marriages work; and the others, who for whatever reason, come to a realization that they did not marry the ‘will-of-God’, give up on the fact that their marriages can work.

Said differently, I think it is the fear and guilt that comes from not marrying the ‘will-of-God’ that actually crumbles the marriage, and not really the wrong choice if ever it happens.

I think so much fear is preached at Christians, so much that any challenge in marriage or relationship is taken as a sign that the marriage is wrong, or that the partner is not the ‘will-of-God’.

Personally, I think this is what make marriages fail, and not because it was doomed in the first place.

We deserve to be thought God’s will (ideologies, precepts, mind, intention, and plan) concerning marriage and love, and not only about the ‘will-of-God’ (person). Since, the ‘will-of-God’ has now become a mantra of indolent, lazy, and self-centered people who care nothing about God’s mind.

It’s time to stop having Churched Idiots who have the ‘will-of-God’ at hand but know nothing about God’s will for the marriage institution.

‪#‎IamImisioluwa‬, I’m tired of seeing two ‘wills-of-God’ beating themselves black and blue, and tearing themselves up in the court rooms of life.

Love you plenty.