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photo Someday, in the nearest future, when me and some of my brothers and friends like Charis, Tayo, PLove, Shola…, have finally become a fuller physical representation of what we are today; those days when we have had more cash and time to play…


At a Crossroad 

I stand at a crossroad My heart breathing heavily The battle ahead; retreat behind What shall I do? Where shall I head? Give up on Love kè? Láí Láí, Olorun májèé! I tell myself I will fight till I draw my last breath But then,…


Few thoughts on Love 

Here are some of my thoughts on Love this week, watch out later for a poem from one of my #Adeola-mi collections on #LoveWednesday tonight I can’t count the number of women I know who are struggling through life. I had always wondered about the…

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