One Way Love

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a roundabout or else, you’ll end in a U-turn.   You […]

Please, Tell The Devil

Please tell the devil he didn’t win Tell him sternly, tell him clearly Tell it on the mountains, tell it in the streets If he didn’t in BC, then he didn’t in AD For forty two generations of life He was given a fair chance to try But he did only what he knew best […]

Tell Her Not To Worry

#LoveWednesday Tell her not to be scared Tell him not to worry nor fret Tell her not to be afraid Tell him not to be dismayed     That marriages fail does not mean his will That hearts break is no reason hers will   Only tell her to look ahead, unto Love To keep […]


#LoveWednesday #StoriesBehindThePosts #2015PostsReview LET IT NOT BE (15/10/2015) I remember the night I wrote this post. Adeola-mi had been far away for a while and that was taking its toll. It was at that time that I met an old friend who I had preciously had a crush on, and before I knew it I […]

OVERWHELMED (continued)

…Oh Adeola-mi, I never want to lose you How do I do that? How do I keep you till death do us part? Even those mightier have fallen? I need answers! Maybe I can’t keep you, Maybe I don’t have the capacity to Maybe I can’t hold you close forever, Maybe death is stronger Maybe […]


#LoveWednesday I just finished seeing the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it brings fresh feelings of Love. Until now I had a somewhat bad impression about movies that portray love; for my religious mind feels they get a lot of things wrong. Well…I am beginning to see some similarities with what I know love to be…so […]

Let It Not Be

  Adeola-mi, Let it not be That we were driven by our senses By our sense of sight and its prospects That of curves and symmetry Let it not be That our taste led us here The very things that drive our appetites That of skin color and contours Let it not be That we […]

When we Love…

#LoveWednesday When we last long in our relationships and marriages, they think it’s because we married a perfect person but they don’t realise it is because we have only tasted the perfect example of Love and are merely letting it reflect in us. Personally, I don’t believe there are three types of Love (there may […]


#LoveWednesday My desire to Love is a deep seated one. The resolution to be my best to my woman Is one of my greatest convictions The decision to give her the best of me Whether it is this Lady or that I cannot tell Whoever she is My heart and Life for hers’ Surely, love […]