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Faith, Life, Poetry

Appearance is Fickle 

Several years ago, Like several ‘several years ago’, Man sinned and fell short They became naked God gave animal skins as cloths And from generation to generation The definition of those skins has changed Today it could be a 3-piece Dicato suit, Or a polo…

Life, Poetry

One Way Love 

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a…

Faith, Life, Poetry

Have You Seen YOU? 

Have you seen him? The one who forsook wisdom Pledging allegiance to mediocrity Insisting on perishing suddenly Have you seen her? The one who forsook her worth Preferring to die a nonentity Only for half the price Have you see them? The ones who forsook…


It happens. 

#randomtots It happened in church on sunday, just as the praise and worship ended; as my eyes met hers, her smile broadened, revealing her gorgeous teeth; time stopped and so did my heart. Sitting at the choir’s stand, I could see the entire church, including…



#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi The truth is this: Before I met you, I must admit, there were other ladies. I know I may not have told you about them before, and I’m sorry. There were quite some of them at school, church, and on the street, especially…

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