I’m Grateful for Family

*Day Three-#40DaysAppreciation Challenge* As most of us approached teenagehood, the tendency was for us to seek freedom, which meant a movement away from the dependence of family. We wanted separate rooms, separate meals…some of us even changed our names. But as we grow older, older in to the realities of adulthood, the responsibility that comes […]

I Am Your Lonely Brother

I am your lonely brother The one you never knew The one you never noticed The one who’s been here all along The one who knew the truth Whispering and screaming “Brother, don’t listen to them” “Sister, don’t pay them any attention” Their voice of doubts and rejection Piercing through your fleshy heart But their […]

I am, THE DARKER BROTHER by Ayooluwa Oyelere

I AM, the black and the bold, the colored and the cultured, high and lowly, coarse but genteel, like a prim and a proper child, seized of right behaviors. I am, THE DARKER BROTHER. I SPROUTED, like the blade of an elephant grass, through the thick and the thin, the fat and the lean,the brown […]

God Save the Marriage of Broda Lúkú and Aunty Wòsílá

God save the marriage of Aunty mi wòsílá who never saw And broda mi lúkú who looked And looked but saw nothing God help them As they stumble through life Yet with eyes wide open Perhaps, their trouble Is not of defective eye balls But of selective blindness Ignoring truth in its simplest form Embracing […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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