To All Who Stuck With Love

Day Twenty Nine #LoveWednesday “The day I saw you, my heart skipped a beat. When I spoke to you, it was like no one else mattered. I fell in love with you and I knew that things would never be the same. Your world became resplendent to me. Your name became a melody in my […]

The Nature of Love

#LoveWednesday The nature of Love is to grow or die. It can’t be left on a spot unattended It is either serviced by nourishment Or impoverished by neglect Perhaps many of us young people don’t know this We initiate love, and think we can just let it loose We don’t want it to die, Yet […]

What Make Marriages Last Long?

#LoveWednesday What holds couples together? What makes them last long? What binds them forever? What is the motivation that keeps marriages? The thought that God hates divorce? The dread of the wrath of disobeying him? The fear of falling short of religious standards? The shame of having missed the ‘will-of-God’? The warnings from family members? […]

Let It Not Be

  Adeola-mi, Let it not be That we were driven by our senses By our sense of sight and its prospects That of curves and symmetry Let it not be That our taste led us here The very things that drive our appetites That of skin color and contours Let it not be That we […]

Drifting Away From Love

#ItisPossible Is this how one begins to drift away from love? Is this how ones heart begins to glow for another? Is this how relationships eventually break? Is this how an affair begins to take place? All she had was her sensitivity She seems to be able to pick out the slightest changes in my […]


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