My Syndrome by Flourish

Hello there! It is another beautiful Monday night of musing. Welcome to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. I bring to you another thought; a really personal one. Please relax and enjoy the muse. “You are important to me; I need you to survive” (sing along with me). We are humans and we really cannot survive alone. […]

Blending Our Lives

Adéọlá-mi, I think it will be amazing blending the uniqueness of our individual lives. It’s something I’ve always given a thought. And I wonder if we will find an intelligent way to live, if we will be stuck in the limitations of our upbringing, or be lost in the confusion of this present day. To […]

How Do You See Life?

Dear Adéọlá-mi, You see, I’m looking forward to our life together. I’m really curious. Sometimes, I just sit and imagine the moments, the different phases, the challenges, the victories, and all we will share together. Contrary to how I see people talk about these things, my expectations are quite interesting. I’m not trying to get […]