Day Sixteen- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

When I look at them, I ask myself What motivates them? What make them wake up in the morning And want to come for class Could it be the fear of a query? A need to just show face And avoid bearing the name of an unserious lecturer Could it be a desire for survival […]

School Versus Education

So a day before exams, we cram up Loading every inch of our brains with words Words that don’t make harmonic sense Just in response to the past questions and AOC So we get lucky The same questions are asked And we pour out as we have gathered Leaving our brains emptier than before Our […]

An Opinion on Oau School Fee Hike

I wrote this just now in response to a classmate who said this: “Seriously whose side are u on? Really, this is not about school fees anymore. It’s about resuming early and finishing sch. Education is for all, Yes! But people that can’t afford education this age and time should stop slowing down people who […]


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