Independence: Independent?

‚Äč Did they do to us differently from we did ourselves?  Did they treat us other than we treat ourselves?  Black or white, aren’t we made of same distance?  Young or old, isn’t the same evil in our heart?  It was the same the people of Babylon did them of Jerusalem  The same the people […]

Oh Law! By Khose

Oh law! How I hate thee   You made me put myself on a performance treadmill And when I didn’t do the things I ought to do, I became angry at myself and always felt guilty I became confused as to whether God was pleased with me or not   You made me feel I […]

My heart cries…

  My heart cries… Not for me but the helpless To the ones who can’t find their soul How shall they survive? Trouble begetting trouble I wish for them I were acursed For their freedom I might be bound Hmmm… Their life is worth mine If I have to fight, then I’ll fight for free […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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