To All Who Embraced Grace

Day Seventeen To all who embraced Grace Who worked harder than the rest Who did the most difficult task of believing Of believing the Gospel Of taking God for who He is And what he said he has done Those who daily give the glory to Jesus Not a show of their strength Who let […]

To All Whose Names Are Written In The Book Of Life

Day Twelve To all my friends whose names are written in the book of life Who have passed from death to life Who are seated together in the heavenlies Who, by faith in Jesus, have received righteousness Who war not after the flesh Partakers of the divine life Who have eaten God and have become […]

To The Peddlers of the Law

Day Nine To the peddlers of the Law Those who preach the consuming fire Who have passports to hell And make frequent trips there Who sell fear, guilt, and rejection And the religious pickpockets The professional ones, and the upcoming The ones you find in Oshodi park And the ones with big cathedrals (Apologies for […]

I’m Grateful for Pastors 

From the time of the Cross, the gospel has been handed over to faithful men who have since committed it to other faithful men. Tonight, I appreciate everyone who has, and who labors in the word diligently. From our Sunday school teachers to our pastors and all.

Oruko Nla by Joesong.

Joesong is back with a massive and powerful worship hit, titled: Oruko Nla (Great Name) this is a unique one as it will get you declaring how great the name of Jesus is. It reveals the potency of the name Jesus and the mighty wonders the name wroth. Philippians 2:9 -10 [maxbutton id=”15″ url=”” text=”Download” […]

I Will Praise You (Audio) by Micheal Afolayan

Listen to this amazing song by Micheal Afolayan called “I Will Praise You”. “I Will Praise You” is a song of declaration; declaring to God that no matter what I go through, I will keep praising you. When it seems God is absent just praise him. God will surely take you to a phase where you […]


BASTARDIZATION I once saw a church write, “at (the church name), your success is guaranteed”, and I sincerely appreciate the effort of their publicity coordinators. But it seems to me that there is a hidden ‘only’ in that statement that is read unconsciously and it makes the statement read something like this: ‘It is only […]


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