I Miss Being In Love

I miss being in Love I miss having someone to share my heart with I miss feeling unreservedly ensconced Knowing I’ve got a partner in the world I miss those chats, texts, and nightly talks I miss the visits, the dates, and the outings I miss walking you down the street at night Hands joined […]

#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi Will you recognize me If I show up at the door of your heart, Introducing as the man of your dreams, The one you’ve always prayed for? Will you comprehend it If I tell you I really do like you; How I have sleepless nights thinking of you As you remind me of […]

When Love Happens

#LoveWednesday Is it possible to stop thinking about you? Is it possible to totally forget you? Is it possible to get you out of my mind? Like, be immune to the sweetness you command Cos the way you fill my thought is quite enormous Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious Was it I that […]

To The Single Brother

#Lovewednesday My heart goes out to the single brother (and sister), especially the one who has been ‘double’ before; who has once tasted love. He has had his heart entwined with another and it’s now hard to stand alone. He has tasted the sweetness of ‘the two that becomes one’. He has known what it […]

She's Just My Friend

#LoveWednesday He’s just my Friend She’s just my Friend Thank God for them The ‘He’s-just-my-friends’ of this life The ones who come at just the right time A time when our hearts can’t hold longer Who see our hearts broken and shattered And are determined to make it feel better The ones who give much […]

A Couple of Things

A myriad of things while there is time To be done while the minutes chime beat the sands of time in the hour-glass Make memorial prints on the lewd grass A couple of phrases to calm the crowd Sweet words to cheer the woman who weeps loud Patient communion to soothe the angry Sweet Elixir […]

Fight Of My Heart by Akinbobola

#TheAdekeyeExperience The church and the shrine face to face, The priest or beast in white, red or black, The loudest speaker wins this race. Devout of a lost god travel forth and back. The Unknown god! To whom do we render our service? Wishful thoughts in our gourds, It has spoken in mercy. The door […]

A Lover's Cry

Been trying to get you out of my active thought all day, but dear, it’s not working. Lord please, I hope I’m still ok. Apparently, when you give your heart, you relinquish the right to direct its affairs alone. Choose well, who you give your heart. The same issues must flow out of it. Seriously […]

Soul take courage

Photo Credits: www.pregnantfast.net My mind is filled with whores of worries I only hope it doesn’t wear out eventually Yet life continues Many responsibilities waiting to be handled. Yet a man must learn to rejoice in himself Cos all these ones, They ain’t gonna give you a lasting one So I say to myself, Soul […]

Hearing you…

Each time we talk My heart doth craves For more of it To grace my whole The strains of sounds Wont even suppress The joy it brings To hear your voice All over again.