Love, Medicine, and its many Shenanigans

Love is quite a funny thing to watch. You really aren’t conscious of all the ‘mumu’ things you do in love until you step aside and watch others do it…and it’s beautiful. Love is powerful, very powerful. It causes us to do things we may not by ourselves do, or for others. And that’s what […]

Something I Miss

 Day Sixteen I really miss being in love (the boy-girl, man-woman love). Not just the superficial or emotional part of it. But the life that comes with it. Love is a beautiful thing. And no amount of ills spoken or seen between lovers can erode the fact that Love is indeed a beautiful thing. My […]

To my Fans and Followers

Day Twenty Five To you Who faithfully follow me Who are at the receiving end of my incessant rantings Who are too nice to oppose my gibberish Who hold back wisdom to let my ignorance thrive To all who accept me, and my writings Who like, share, comment, and encourage me Who have been blessed, […]


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