​#LoveWednesday Salewa Akande is my kind of lady Any day any time, she’ll sweep me off my feet The Salewas of this world; Beautiful and elegant Nature’s own in its finest combination Void of the ‘elantrophy’ of insecure girls The make believes of costumes and role-play The Salewa’s who won’t be put down by fakes […]

Appearance is Fickle

Several years ago, Like several ‘several years ago’, Man sinned and fell short They became naked God gave animal skins as cloths And from generation to generation The definition of those skins has changed Today it could be a 3-piece Dicato suit, Or a polo t-shirt on a wrangler jean A Caribbean Skirt with a […]

The Newest Way To Love

#LoveWednesday The way relationships happen these days amazes me Perhaps, the many failed relationships, Extended years of ‘’boyfriend and girlfriend’’ (And by that, I mean relationships without Any serious commitment), Easy access to sex and its progenitors, The desperation of picking a Saturday, The pressure mounted by makeup artists, Bridal and events companies, And creative […]