Imagine This!

Imagine if Grace isn’t all you think it is… Imagine if Christ had to always die at the end of every century…. to take away all the sins of that century… Imagine if Christ had to die every time a sin is committed… Imagine if the death of Christ was sufficient only for those alive […]

A Stitch in Time

Perhaps, it is an expression of God’s mercy To guide a man to rock-bottom, Especially the one on the part of destruction Who has rejected Truth; To help him get to zero level quickly Where his money is gone, His energy is spent His relationship is lost, And his soul is weak The point where […]

Frustrating the Devil.

As for me, I’ve decided to frustrate the devil by adding to the frustration he had entered since calvary. I admit I may not have lived perfectly right all throughout this past week, but then, I won’t give the devil a reason to rejoice by letting that push me away from God. I won’t let […]

Empty Sin

Photo Credits When out-of-place When out of pace with the creator Life suddenly becomes mundane with feelings of emptiness all coming unexplained You remember carefully when deep Joy was the order of the day And you wonder how come you’ve lost your way You wonder if God will hear you again If He could take […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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