Something I Miss

┬áDay Sixteen I really miss being in love (the boy-girl, man-woman love). Not just the superficial or emotional part of it. But the life that comes with it. Love is a beautiful thing. And no amount of ills spoken or seen between lovers can erode the fact that Love is indeed a beautiful thing. My […]

To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

Day Ten To those who have lost loved ones Who have experienced the pain of goodbyes Who can’t imagine how to live with this absence Whose mind are running wild with memories Memories of words, touch, looks, and moments “I remember the first time I met her” “Oh, I wish dad was around to witness […]


#LoveWednesday I wish I could ignore you Turn away when I see you Or act like you don’t exist Like this love is not real But my heart won’t allow Leeping at every sight of you And my spirit won’t let me Burning always from within Even my body has joined Iya Taju ever in […]