Day Twenty Three- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To the Danfo Driver The ever conscious Danfo driver The ever vigilant Lagos driver Experts in the game of the road Navigating through miles of uneasiness To and fro, like a pendulum Enduring the wear and tear How much does he even make? Does it commensurate the effort? Enough to keep his wife and kids? […]

Day Twenty Two- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To Music for Development Team, Crew, and Volunteers You never seize to amaze me Your strength and passion To impact the world with music Is beautiful and encouraging For all the times you heeded the call For all the times you showed up For all the times you gave For all the times you made […]

I Will Praise You (Audio) by Micheal Afolayan

Listen to this amazing song by Micheal Afolayan called “I Will Praise You”. “I Will Praise You”¬†is a song of declaration; declaring to God that no matter what I go through, I will keep praising you. When it seems God is absent just praise him. God will surely take you to a phase where you […]


#LatePost #LoveWednesday I thought she was beautiful That she took my breath away Didn’t know it was there all along By that, I mean my breath Until this very morning Apparently, it was the light At the cinema last night Not the one from above but from the screen Shinning in the darkness That cascaded […]

On A Monday Morning

#randomtots I stepped out of the bus, adjusted my suit and started my walk to my department, the Music Department of the almighty Obafemi Awolowo University. As I crossed over to the other side, just in front of Oduduwa Hall, I sighted this beautiful lady ahead who was dressed as gorgeous as mine. A little […]

An Opinion on Oau School Fee Hike

I wrote this just now in response to a classmate who said this: “Seriously whose side are u on? Really, this is not about school fees anymore. It’s about resuming early and finishing sch. Education is for all, Yes! But people that can’t afford education this age and time should stop slowing down people who […]

On the Piano

Today, I assumed the status of a professional Keyboardist. I sat behind the Keyboard, a yamaha…(I didn’t take note of the details) and I couldn’t help laughing at myself; only true Keyboardist like Barrister Tolu and Osunsanya Tayo could have been able to tell the difference, unless of course, every other person played along with […]


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