So two days ago, I was at the beach, and my phone decided to have some fun Overwhelmed by the rising tides The joy laced in the kids eyes The excitement on their guardians Lovers holding hands And those who sold for few dimes “Why should I be left in a tent where I can […]

My Beautiful Red

I remember the first time I set eyes on you Having read so much about you I had waited several days to finally met you And lo, I met you just as beautiful Being the first to ever lay hands on you You were in deed my virgin red The first night we met, I […]

Anticipation (The Story)

I stared at my hand, ready to move at any slight pulse, waiting for just one thing: Her name written in the light. For a voice or words, (even a flash would do), but it never came. Once, the lights came and I moved, but no, it was MTN again. Should have ringed myself, but […]