Why Did You Say ‘Yes’?

Did you say ‘Yes’ to me or to my persistence
The fact that I stayed true to the moments
Of toasting, wooing, and waiting for your response

To the Lover Boy

‚Äč#LoveWednesday Dear Mr Loverboy I need you to understand something: there are over 7 billion people in the world. Do you realize how many of that number is female? And how many of those females are within your age group? So the thing is,  Chances are, there are more than one lady  that will fit […]

Of Christian Sisters and Nails

#LoveWednesday In the world of ‘nails’, the lady is not left out, it is just societal disposition that makes her case oblivious. She doesn’t propose, so she technically cannot get a nail. But then, are there not subtle, silent, and inconspicuous nails? So she is his friend. She likes him and he likes her, but […]