To The Music Practitioners

Day Twenty To the greatest people on earth Saviors and sailors of this world The thermostat that regulates our social enclaves Who painstakingly weave words in beautiful melodies Who give us companions to take us through the difficult nights Who give healing to our troubled souls Who put dance beneath our feet Who inject instructions […]

The Case of the Man with the Woman

#LoveWednesday In my society, the man is the initiator The woman is the receiver I didn’t write the code, that’s how I met it Maybe because ‘Adam was first formed’ But then, I’m not a fan of ‘Insanity’ Except it is producing desired results She has been taught to only receive So she sits there […]

Of Christian Sisters and Nails

#LoveWednesday In the world of ‘nails’, the lady is not left out, it is just societal disposition that makes her case oblivious. She doesn’t propose, so she technically cannot get a nail. But then, are there not subtle, silent, and inconspicuous nails? So she is his friend. She likes him and he likes her, but […]

Of Christian Brothers and Nails (Part 2)

#LoveWednesday (Read part 1 here: ) Nail three: So…there’s this final guy who is a friend to this girl; not just a friend but a very close one. They’ve been together for a while, they like each other, and have made it known severally, using diverse mono and multi-syllabic appellations like ‘sweetie’, ‘dear’, ‘sugar’ […]

Of Christian Brothers and Nails

#LoveWednesday There are types of nails and they come in different sizes and shapes. Of course, I’m not a carpenter, neither the son of any. I’m only referring to the fear of most men-the fear of rejection, the fear of that ever resounding ‘No’-especially the Christian brother. Don’t be fooled. Contrary to the world of […]