On Church and Pastoring

If I and God ever come around the idea of me pastoring a church, that’s if there’s ever that space left, I know exactly the kind of church it is going to be. And it’s very exciting. And that’s the problem. I largely think churches in Nigeria are owned by the man of God. It’s […]

To A Same-Sex Attracted Christian 2

  Read Part 1 here. Brother, How are you doing? Did you do my assignment? I’m sure you did. I’m sure you saw the real you in light of God’s Word. Brother, that is the miracle of God’s Word! You see, the world is messed up… if you listen to the world, what impression do you […]


#LoveWednesday I just finished seeing the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it brings fresh feelings of Love. Until now I had a somewhat bad impression about movies that portray love; for my religious mind feels they get a lot of things wrong. Well…I am beginning to see some similarities with what I know love to be…so […]

Let It Not Be

  Adeola-mi, Let it not be That we were driven by our senses By our sense of sight and its prospects That of curves and symmetry Let it not be That our taste led us here The very things that drive our appetites That of skin color and contours Let it not be That we […]

Religious Threats

I had always thought people should be saints in places where full sharia’’ is practiced. I have always expected people to never do wrong in such places where there are heavy penalties but to my surprise, they appear to be even more notorious. There you see people charged for adultery, for gang-rape, incest etc. You […]

As a Worship Leader

As a worship leader in my church-(the big, strong, and reliable Rhema Mass Choir), I get mad sometimes, when I see some ‘big boys and girls’ in church on Sunday morning who do not partake in the worship, nor close their eyes, who do not clap nor respond to the call and response songs. I […]

The Opium of the Poor

#COPIED from Olowu Kunle. When a poor Church member’s son impregnates a poor church member’s daughter before marriage, they are denied church wedding and blessing. They would be ‘spiritually reprimanded’. In some cases, the parents get DISCIPLINED for not teaching their ” children in the way(s) of the Lord”. A sunday is set aside to […]


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