Exclusively Yours

Dear Adeola-mi, My darling FutureBae, It’s another valentine’s season and #AdeolamiChallenge that you are not here, and all I can say is ọmọ x 1000. Kò easy mehn!. The children of social media haven’t made it easy this time around. I’m not sure if it was the pandemic that sparked the air, but it has […]

The Test of Time

Last night, I was feeling very mushy about a lady. And it lasted for some minutes. I had dreamt up stuff, and without further delay, placed on her a pending status of ‘future bae’. I tell you, it was a sweet moment. Suddenly, in a characteristic sincere and critical manner, I heard myself speak to […]

The Unborn Child

#randomtots   How does the fetus survive? In the darkness of the womb Day after day, yearning for light When will the months end?   What does the world have to offer? What will my life be? How will I look? Many questions on his pre-primitive mind Anticipation eats her up   He is anxious […]

Anticipation (The Story)

I stared at my hand, ready to move at any slight pulse, waiting for just one thing: Her name written in the light. For a voice or words, (even a flash would do), but it never came. Once, the lights came and I moved, but no, it was MTN again. Should have ringed myself, but […]