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Day Twenty Four 

To the Facebook evangelists And WhatsApp revivalists Who daily load us with words Words that have been kept from us for long Words of faith, of truth, and of grace Who echo the silent questions of our hearts Who engage our minds in spirit intelligence…


Thank you All 

It all started as early as 12:00 am on the 15th of January, when I saw my pics on a friend’s dp and I wondered” what’s up with Bimbo?”…until it dawned on me…”Dude, today is your birthday”…and then it went on and on until I…



As they say: in life things happen; but at every moment, there is always a before, a now, and a after. So…one thing led to another and I was off Whatsapp for a while-maybe a little more than a while. However, Bí o bá nídìí,…

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