Little Lines – 05

It was then the talking stage for me
The little conversations
That grew into deep-seated ones
Like daily doses of a rare elixir
A mixture of care, concern, and Love

It was the voice and words for me
The many things we talked about
The random songs we burst into
The salutations and appellations
The encouragements and commendations
The VNs, and occasional video calls
The prayers, prophecies, and words of knowledge
And the laughs and many ironic “Guy, I hate you”

From the simple ones:
“I had a great time with you today”
Into the random ones:
“Yeah, Deborah is one of my names. I thought I mentioned.”
Then the cheeky ones:
“You do know you have this unique way of laughing, right?
Listen at the end of your last VN, it’s so cute”
And the more precise inquiry:
“what do you think about adoption?”

Desires, interests, and preferences were known
Dreams, goals, and plans were shared
Worries, fears, and burdens were lifted
Lessons, advices, and corrections were given
And assurance and promises were made.

Before we knew it,
It was the first day, and then the third day
And then two months of daily conversations

There, our love was made
Not in Tokyo, but in those
Random, mundane, and yet
Profound and piercing flow of words

The talking stage:
An anticipation of what our Love may be
Or for others, a course correction for a lost cause.

I am the ImisiOluwa; and I think I define love by conversations.