That prayer works is a fact I have finally come to terms with. It’s amazing how the little words you say in your closet, the next morning, you see them clearly played out in your world.
To doubt the efficacy of God is quite easy, but if you’ve ever experienced his awesome-ness, you’ll know it is more than a Hollywood thriller.
The most amazing thing is that sometimes it feels the answers you get should be measured by the length of your prayers, but God has a way of disappointing us in a messmerizing way such that he even listens to the little whispers of our heart.
You can stand there and be analyzing the impossibility of prayer while I enjoy an amazing relationship with God.
You can decide to put God aside and face reality, taking worry and stress as your allies, but I will follow wisdom and simply believe his words: “What things soever you desire, when Ye pray, believe that Ye receive them, and Ye shall have them”-Mark 11:24.
Your court is with the ball