Tonight I feel lonely
I know it’s just a feeling but then
I wish I had someone to talk to
Someone to share the thoughts in my mind
Maybe then I can understand what they mean
Someone to lay it all out to

Well… I know you’ve asked “what is it?”
You’ve asked me to talk to you
To confide in you, perhaps, find succour
But dear, I can’t do that to you
To put this burden on you?
The burden of caring too deeply? 
No I wouldn’t dare

Yes,  you’re so amazing
A foretaste of an awesome future 
Well mannered, and cultured  
Intelligent, and creative
Beautiful in so many ways
I mean, I enjoy every conversation 
And everytime spent with you
I am enticed, I must admit
I am taken aback already
You have gotten to me
And on such a night as this
When I can make use of your good company
Online and offline alike
I’ve had to ask myself:

Do I?
Do I really want to do this? 
Do I really want to put this burden on you? 
The burden of making up for my loneliness 
The burden of always being there to talk to me
The burden of gisting you details of my day
The burden of occupying your heart
The burden of having you think about me
The burden of having you fall in love with me

A burden you won’t be there to bear forever
A burden you won’t always be there to bear
So why put it on you? 

I wish you will last, though
I wish you were mine already
But to put this burden on you
Only for temporary gain
Is what I won’t allow

So I’ll just let it pass
I won’t indulge you on this one
I’ll let this loneliness be mine
Even if I have to act all fine and cool 

But to put this burden on you?
The burden of emotional attachment?
I wouldn’t even dare

(C) 2016, Imisioluwa. 

I am theimisiOluwa;
and you’re that important. 

Sleep Sweet