In my society, the man is the initiator
The woman is the receiver
I didn’t write the code, that’s how I met it
Maybe because ‘Adam was first formed’
But then, I’m not a fan of ‘Insanity’
Except it is producing desired results

She has been taught to only receive
So she sits there and never leaves
She mustn’t be caught professing love
She must not admit what or who she likes
Hers is to be chosen, and at worst, to agree or not

So when the man of her dreams walks by
Hers is to just smile and look the other way
Even though in heart, she wants to draw near
Sometimes she’s lucky, the guy doesn’t just walk but stops by

She’s happy but she’s been taught well
She must not show consent
She must make the guy pursue hard
She must deny that she really wants him
Of course, that would make her look too cheap

So she must frustrate his love
Yet, she doesn’t let him leave
Of course, she can’t; she wants him

If he leaves, then he’s a bad guy
She’ll say his love wasn’t real in the first place
The guy has learnt this too
So he endures the frustration, and rejection
The many days of having his love slapped back on him
He bottles up pain and difficulty that comes with it
Even though he can’t understand, he must continue
So even while he’s bleeding, he mustn’t show it
For he is a Man
For that’s the only way to prove to her that he loves her

#IamImisioluwa; I didn’t write the code, that’s just how I met it.
@_imisioluwao; +2347062031521

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