As I watched Fela Durotoye deliver his message in Amphitheatre on the O.A.U campus on Tuesday night, 22nd of April, tears began to fill my eyes. The tears wasn’t a mere reaction to emotions, but of a deeper realization of truth. As he shared the story of his Big Dreams, Small Start, and Quick Growth, the various details of my life began to flood my mind. I suddenly realized where I was and how far the journey I had ahead of me was. And the tears flowed more.
I suddenly became aware of the number of companies, projects, and ideas I had on paper and the amount of determination it will take to materialize them. I realized how much failure I had on my way, and the amount of perseverance I’ll need to convert them to success. I realized how much discouragement I’ll meet on my road, how people will regard my dreams as unrealistic and the amount of focus it will require to go on anyway. I realized how, many times, I’ll need to start alone before people would care to join in my movements for a better world. I realized the number of ladies who will see me as a man with an unrealistic future, who will reject me, whose parents will refuse them the support to marry me and how much I’ll have to wait for that one woman who will see the future ahead with me, and whose future will be clearly displayed on the screen of my mind.
I thought of these and it hurt. I wished my life was easier. I wished I could just be like every other average young man out there, who doesn’t bother about purpose or care about living to serve humanity. I wish I didn’t have to pay so much a price.
But then, deep down inside me, I couldn’t have been more glad to have such great destiny upon my head. I couldn’t have been more excited to see the possibilities of a better Nigeria.
As he continued, the tears gradually became streaks of smiles as the future became more visible and clearer.
Once again, I saw someone like me; someone who had made much out of an ordinary life; someone who, several years ago, had been in my shoes and had survived.
I had hope again.
I had reasons to pick up, again, my previously forgotten dreams. I had reasons to believe I wouldn’t fail.
I couldn’t have been more excited.
My vision became clearer and the smile became more stable as flashes of the years ahead played on my mind.
My strength returned, just as it was when I first heard the call. My Passion and determination was restored.

Now, I am set for my future.
And now, with dodged determination, I will:
-Make A Positive Impact On Everyone I Meet And Everywhere I Go
-Be A Solution Provider And Not A Part Of The Problem To Be Solved
-Be A Role Model Worthy Of Emulation
-Be My Best In All I Do, Particularly In The Things I Am Naturally Good At
-Do The Right Things At All Times Regardless If Who Is Doing The Wrong Thing
-Value Time And Make The Best Use Of It
-Care And Show Respect Through My Words And Actions
-Consciously Build A Great Legacy Starting Now, Today And Everyday
-Live A Life Of Integrity And Honour
-Make My Family, My Nation And My God Proud.

I am a Rare Gem.