I want love
I want passion
I want life

Call me an hopeless romantic
Call me an unrealistic dreamer

But I just don’t want a social contract
Nor spend the rest of my life in a cage
With some woman that we share rooms
With some woman I have sex with
Or one that cooks for me at night
Or that we put money in the same account
Or the one with whom I show up in places

I want life, I want someone who is a part of me
Someone to journey life with
A companion, different taste, same interest
Not some form of responsibility or ‘bùkátà’
To come back home to daily
Not some form of arrangement
But someone to make plans together with
Make mistakes, learn, succeed together

I want a friend, my own very padi
My play mate, naughty as I can be
Creatively surprising each other
Who have interest in me by her self
Not just because I had great words to toast her
But who in my frailty sees her lover

I want a companion, whose brain is top notch
Not just some empty-headed-brazillian-haired girl
An Help meet for my inadequacies, shortcomings,
And many stupidities combined together
Who inspires and amazes me
A #Jewel
A rare #Gem

I want a lover, who has fallen in love with this guy-me
One whose eyes shines brighter than a diamond
Who knows my soft spot, my ‘mumu’ button
My molecular formular
My tonal center
Whose touch writes sweet melodies
More like an ‘#Atonal #Music’
One unbounded by flat and sharp series
Yet beautiful enough to be between bars
Not just some ‘faka fìkì’ lie-down-there kind of sex
Or pursuing her with a BBD up and down the house
No…but one we can worship together #spirit, #soul, and #Body
Someone to live for, die for, and give all for

And definitely not a woman I’m sharing with another guy

Call me an unrealistic dreamer
Or an Hopeless-Romantic

But I’m just sick and tired of all these nonsense I see around

I am theimisiOluwa; I am the hopeless romantic

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