Knowing what I want is not the problem
I can give you an endless list
And I well did last week Wednesday

But my problem is how to transit these times
The time of waiting
The time of growing
The time of choice making
The times of trying to toast

What scares me is the work needed in
Recognizing the future woman in the young lady of today
And in growing up to be the man that deserves her

The issue for me is in acquiring, in acquiring
The quietness needed in knowing who I am
The clarity needed to know if it’s this lady that fits or that
The courage needed in laying up my intentions to her unwaveringly
The strength needed in turning away from the many others that may entice and confuse
The character needed in staying true to my commitment with her
The foresight needed in casting an inspiring vision for us both
The fortitude needed in leading her to be her best
The patience to watch her grow and get better
The endurance to survive the moments of learning one another
The heart to Love, forgive and cherish her always

I wish I could just skip these moments
And meet myself in the ‘happily ever after’
But that has never happened before
I will have to make the decision
I will have to toast her myself
I will have to prepare to forgive her ahead

So maybe my lamentations are really not about her
The problems of ladies nowadays
The difficulty she puts me through
And all such

Maybe my lamentations are more of
My own Fears, Laziness, Confusions,
Selfishness, and Lethargy.

Maybe it’s time to stop lamenting and get to work

Maybe it’s time to labour to enter into his rest
For ‘his yoke is easy and light’

Maybe it’s time to focus on the man within, grow in character, and my ability to lead a home
And give my kids a chance to be proud of the man they’ll have as a father

Maybe it’s time to stop searching through the skirts and start gazing on the glory of the only begotten son
Learning to love, just as Christ and the Church

Maybe it has never been about Adeola, what she did right or wrong

Maybe it has been about me all long, who I am, and what I have allowed myself to become

Maybe it really is about me

So tonight, I stop my self-pity
I put an end to my lamentations
It’s time to do and get better.
It’s time to let him work through me
Him who causes all things to work together for good

Tonight, I find Peace, Joy, and Clarity.

I am theimisiOluwa; It’s time to set new goals.

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